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AMETEK Power Instruments' turbine engine sensors are found on nearly every major turbine generator in the world. AMETEK’s power and process monitoring equipment, power quality instruments, transducers, meters, event and transient recorders, annunciators and alarm monitors are used worldwide. 

Woodfield Systems International designs & manufactures marine loading arms, safety access systems, metering & pumping packages integrated into a complete solution to meet the needs of our clients.

Carbis-Loadtec provides an inclusive design, supply and commission package for truck and train loading arms, tanker access and fall prevention systems, quick release couplings, dry disconnect couplings and breakaway couplings.

Canty manufacture lighting, cameras, sight flow indicators, quick opening closures, glass to metal seals, vision-based process control, and particles sizing systems.

This product line helped us to diversify across different industries and market places. With this diversification in markets, we have retained a common manufacturing base between all of our products.

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